Night aspect of Agistri island

During the summer months, at night, the beach of Agistri island reminds a huge lighted shop in front of the sea, with the crowd strolling until going somewhere to eat, drink or have fun.

Above the port of Skala

As we are exiting the port of Skala, we ascend at the left the road towards the woods and 50 meters away we meet the tavern of "Vasilaras hotel".

The Vasilaras Hotel restaurant | taverna is a must for locals, regular visitors to Agistri and quickly becomes a firm favourite with its guests.

Its menu is wide ranging with all its food prepared from fresh produce (homegrown vegetables & daily fresh fish) and encompassing traditional Greek recipes with common international dishes.

Try their special dish of the day! Vegetarians are also guaranteed a flavoursome selection.

Don’t miss our Oriental night! Oriental dancing with spicy food buffet, every monday evening during the summer months.

In Skala, on the road that starts from the harbor and goes to Megalochori

Starting from the port of Skala, at the front we meet the tavern "Mouragio", a very beautiful tavern-ouzeri. Here, apart from cooked food you will find fresh local fish , delicious delly and super tasty combinations and also cold local wine.

A few steps away from the port you will meet the restaurant "Alter Ego", owned by the hotel "Gianna", which serves breakfast, dinner and lunch. If it’s a quick bite or a relaxed evening dinner, “Alterego” is perfect for the occasion, accompanied with an ouzo, wine, beer or a magical cocktail.
Ask for our daily special dishes. The desserts of “Alterego” are well-known for being huge!  We can also prepare your favourite Greek dish, for example a Greek Lobster spaghetti, or arrange a birthday cake

Emmediate after we meet the pizzeria "Avli", a restaurant where someone can taste homemade and delicious traditional food of the italian cuizine and other ...

The road continues and lead us to the picturesque tavern "Toxotis", unique in its kind that offers a great variety of cooked food, prepared daily from the mother of the family, giving emphasis to the traditional recipies and the good quality.

At the point where the road leaves Skala you will find "Taboo Club" one of the quality club-cocktail bar of Argosaronic islands, a special atmospheric place for those who love entertainment, which win the impressions. It operates from over 30 years, from 1987.

Tavern "Mouragio" Restaurant "Alter Ego"

Pizzeria "Avli" Restaurant "Toxotis" Cocktail bar-club "Taboo"

In Skala, on the main road that connects the beach with the inner road

At the coastal road, at the cafe Aquarius, we take the main road left and 50 meters away we meet one taverna and one of the best grill houses of Agistri island.

The "Gyrokomeio", a picturesque tradiitonal grill house where you will taste excellent souvlaki, gyro, meat balls and meat on the grill.

Further up you will meet the traditional restaurant "Toxotis", that offers a great variety of cooked food, prepared daily from the mother of the family, giving emphasis to the traditional recipies and the good quality.

Grill house "Gyrokomeio" Restaurant "Toxotis"

The beach of Skala

Starting again from the port of Skala and going from the coastal road, we meet the restaurant of the Hotel "Aktaion", where you will find Greek appetizers like tzatziki, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), zucchini balls, tomato balls, eggplant salad together with a glas of Ouzo or local Greek wine.Also moussaka, pastitsio, veal in tomato Sauce, stuffed eggplant, roast chicken & stuffed tomatoes, Smelt, grilled Sardines, Anchovies, Galeos, Squid, grilled or boiled Octopus, pasta, spaghetti & pizza.

After that we meet "Meliriton", a beautiful cafe snack-bar, where you can have your coffee, your drink, take your breakfast or tast a delicious snack. It operates from the morning till late at night.

Continuing we meet the bar "Aquarius". One of the best hangouts of the island. From the delicious breakfast to the unforgettable live nights and karaoke nights, with logical prices.

At the exit of Skala, to the coastal road towards Megalochori you will find "Sunrise" cocktail beach bar-cafe. In an idyllic, luxurious, summery setting, with chairs, mattresses, tables and umbrellas on the sand, right in front of the beach, swim, have fun and enjoy while drinking fresh natural juices, all kinds of coffees, exotic coctails, drinks, ouzo, beer, all kinds of wines, great snacks and delicious desserts.

Restaurant "Aktaion" Snack bar "Meliriton"

Aquarius Bar Sunrise" cocktail beach bar-cafe

On the coastal road from Skala to Megalohori

Further out from Skala, in front of the studios "Larissa", you will find the bar-club "Seaside", with tables above the sea, amazing cocktails, fresh juices and aunthentic drinks.
From the morning till the afternoon it operates as cafe-snack bar, in a small organised beach with sun umbrellas, sun charis and tables on the beach.

At the coastal road towards Megalochori, you will find the tavern "Yialos", in front of an organised beach, with deck chairs, sun umbrellas and tables where you can have amazing homemade greek cuizine, fresh fish and sea food, meat and appetizers.

Continuing to the coastal road, outside from Megalochori, you will meet the cafe-snack "Amaryllis", which operates from the morning till the night, right above a small organised beach with deck chairs, sun umbrellas and tables. You can have your breakfast, coffees, sweets, ice creams, juices, beverages, drinks, wine, cocktails and many others.
At the Hotel "AMaryllis" operates and a restaurant with a great variery of food from the greek cuizine, daily made with fresh products.

Bar-club "Seaside" Tavern "Yialos" Cafe-snack "AMmaryllis"

The Megalochori beach

The tavern "Madraki" is located right above the port of Megalochori (Mylos). It offers freshmade delicious cooked food, meat on the grill and a variety of appetizers.

Tavern "Madraki"

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