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Agistri is located only 55 minutes away from the port of Piraeus and very close to Aegina Island. It is described as an earthly paradise of Argosaronikos gulf, full of green and pine trees that reach the island's blue sea.

At Agistri you will also find super-markets, bakeries, food shops, retail shops, a bank, a pharmacy and a regional health center affiliated to the Tzaneio hospital in Piraeus. Entertainment includes an open air cinema, sea sports, various bars and clubs, where you can enjoy yourselves until the morning.

Agistri is offered for marvelous summer vacations and for relaxing and long lasting weekends. In Agistri you will find pine woods, sandy beaches, crystal clear and clean waters, peace, tranquility but also intense night life.

Perhaps is one of the last few romantic destinations in Greece. Agistri has many beautiful hotels and studios or rooms to let, ideal for family holidays.

Gradually it also attracted many artists who draw inspiration from this island.