"Hook Club", together with its complex or studios to let, is one of the most quality beach cafe snack bar - club of Agistri.

With its charismatic location, fantastic view and cool ambience, it can make your stay a very pleasant experience.

It is located after the port of Skala, at location Skliri, surrounded by pines and literally above the sea with a magnificent panoramic view.

Beautiful "Hook Club" has got three parts-places.

The first is the beach cafe snack bar, the second is the Hook Club for your night life and the third is the complex of the studios to let.

"Hook Club" is a perfect way to enjoy the panoramic view to Argosaronic while enjoing our ice cream, refreshing beverages, fresh fruit juices, exotic cocktails, wines, beers, drinks or delicious food, salads and sandwitches.

Combine your swim with a drink and taste the freedom of holidays. We operate from day to night.

We are waiting to service you and to help you pass a wonderful time with us.

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